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A visit from Team Canada and Holland!

The one and only Team Canada

De Zus von Maaike en vrienden!

Typical farmed powder turns in the Arlberg

Bordeaux big bottles in the Hospiz wine cellar

Anoher quiet afternoon at Mosserwirt Apres Ski

March started with a visit from home in Holland and from the one and only Team Canada.  Maaike’s sister and two oldest friends came down to experience the Arlberg and had a great time skiing the slopes and getting into the action!  We loved seeing them and were very happy they made the trip!

Team Canada was also here in the first week and are a group that has been frequenting the Chalet for the better part of 15 years.  They are certainly St. Anton professionals and know how to make the most of their time!  We had an incredible week keeping up and enjoying lots of great snow and dinning together.  We posted a picture of the wine cellar I mentioned in our last post which we were lucky enough to visit again with them.

Currently we have a very nice Swiss family visiting who we were happy to show around the lift system on their first day.  They speak German, English, Russian and Italian so we are taking some serious lessons!

We are back in a pattern of blue skies and gorgeous weather after some amazing deep powder skiing with the Canadians.  Feel free to come down and work on your goggle tans with us!

Kind Regards,

Ross and Maaike

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