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April round up, and our deepest gratitude to our guests!

St. Anton is ready to close this Sunday, April 26th.  It has been an incredible closing with a 2 metre cycle to begin the month and then plenty of sunshine and stable snow coming down the stretch.  The skiing has been superb!

Maaike is in there somewhere!

Maaike is in there somewhere!

There have also been many celebrations to toast the end of season.  There have been lots of classic closing parties including my favourite at the Krazy Kanguruh.  Andrea, Mario and their amazing team hosted a never ending apres that ended at six o’clock in the morning.  What a time that was!  The Wiesse Rausch was a great event with over 500 participants and many more fans lining the pistes to cheer on the mad men and women.

Here at the chalet it was a fantastic winter, albeit a late start.  Here are a couple of entries in our guest book that will bring smiles to faces as we look back.

“Dear Ross and Maaike,

It is now the third time at the lovely chalet, and the second time this season, so as soon as we enter the door, it feels like home.  Many thanks again for receiving us three boys so kindly, and in particular with Matt’s first ski tours – they will certainly not be the last ones here!  We are hooked on St Anton and there is no better place to stay than Chalet Rafalt.  Have a nice end of the season, and hope to see you again next winter.”

– Martin Bauer and sons. (Vienna, Austria)

“Maaike and Ross,

Words are inadequate – I had so much fun, you two are such great hosts, and the good times roll through the skiing under blue skies to the apres ski to dinners and more.  Many thanks for the great hospitality – we’ll be back.”

-Dan McDonald (Calgary, Alberta)

“Maaike and Rossco,

Please be aware of the value to us old guys of the stage you set.  For us to come here, to ski in beauty, to party like it is 1999, to wine and dine is to give us the priceless opportunity to roll back the calendar, if only but for one magical week.”

-Peter Ruben (Calgary, Alberta)

We certainly cherish these comments and feel likewise to have the opportunity to host such fantastic people from all around the globe.  A heartfelt thanks from Maaike and I for your patronage this season.  We hope to see you again next winter!

Cheers, as always, to our guests!

Cheers, as always, to our guests!


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