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Classic days in the Arlberg!

The blue skies are back and there is still lots of snow from the most recent snow cycle.  Today we worked our way around the lift system and did a couple of small hikes and found ourselves skiing down perfectly prepared pistes, on the top of 5 summits, and enjoying lots of untracked snow.  The scenery here on a day like today is breathtaking for any mountain lover.  Being able to use this massive lift system and accompany it with a bit of old fashioned hard work allows for endless possibilities and plenty of days to enjoy great snow.  Our route today lead us from the top of Galizig down to Stuben where we made a small hike to the top of Kanodel Kopf.  From there we traversed around the shoulder of Paiche Kopf and skied down past a group of Chamois to St. Christoph.  From St Christoph we made our way back to Stuben and then did a small hike to the top of Maroi Kopf.  Finally we made our last big run 1400m down to the Ferwall valley.  A picture perfect day in the Arlberg!

Martin and Christian at the top of Kanodel Kopf.

A group of 30 chamois was in the same neck of the woods. (Too bad its out of focus!)

Maaike and Martin making their way across the traverse before skiing down to St. Christoph. You can see our second run down from the top of Maroi to Ferwall in the distance.

Enjoying the vista!

Maaike on the top 1/4 of our first off piste run.

Looking across the valley at the second 3/4 of our first off piste run.

Top of Maroi

Martin making his way down to Ferwall.

Looking back up to Maroi (lookers right) from the Ferwall valley. What a run! What a day! Come visit the chalet!!!

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