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The Galzig mountain is the centre of the St. Anton lift system.  The first cable car to the top was built in 1937 allowing skiers to access 360 degree’s of 600m runs down the mountain.  Since then it has been rebuilt a few times, most recently in 2006 when the lift company invested 21 million euros to make a ferris wheel themed lift that carry’s twenty eight 24 person cabins.  Three other chairs and one t bar bring skiers back up all sides to the summit.  The amount of skiing that Galzig provides is really incredible as there is really no front and back side as most mountains but more of a dome shape.  You can ski down the south side runs called “Maienwassen”  “Maienplatt” and runs to St Christoph, off the north side which is know as “Bachside”, off the east side which has treed runs down “Black Osthang” and “Swissen” and finally down the west side towards the Arlenmaderbahn.  Here are a few pics of Galzig I have taken in the last couple of season to show its credentials off!

Galzig as seen from Kapall. You can see Bachside, Kandahar and Swissen.

Galzig as seen from Rendl. You can see Maienplatt, Maienwassen and Jungbrunntobel from left to right.

More south side options coming down to St Christoph.

As seen from the Arlenmader lift.

As seen from Schindler kar.


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