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Girls weekend and Family Adventures and The Red Bull Huten Rally

Get ready....GO!!!

Jump over a hut

Girls night out

Family Ferguson

The last ten days has brought our first ladies group and also our first families to the chalet for the season.
It was great for Maaike to enjoy some ladies time and I must say also fantastic to be surrounded by the opposite sex on the tables at Apres Ski!  The bunnies (as they referred to themselves!) were full of energy and certainly enjoyed both life at the chalet and the skiing in St. Anton.  There were not too many quiet moments on the chairlifts or around the table!

It was a change to have our first family but equally as fun for us.  We loved skiing with the kids and had to work hard to stay infront of them!  Both families love the the history of the chalet and the warm feeling it brings.
Yesterday was the final for the Red Bull Hutten Rally which was quite an event.  It was a skier cross format race from the top of Gampen to the base hosted by Darren Rahlves.  There was a mix of professional and amateur racers flying down the mountain through and over huge huts.  There was a great atmosphere at the finish line and the crowed watched Rahlves win the event.  He was kind enough to give his prize (a brand new car!) to the second place finisher!

The snow is due to start again tomorrow and we are looking forward to spending a great Christmas with our current guests in this winter wonderland.  All the best for a very merry Christmas from Chalet Rafalt!
Kind Regards,

Ross and Maaike

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