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Krampalar night and snow, snow, snow!

Krampalar night on Dec 5th.

Another large overnight snowfall in the car park of the chalet.

Thomas enjoying great early season snow.

Martin trying to hide from the camera!

It has been a great opening in St. Anton.  The Krampalar night on Dec 5th is a tradition that features some incredible costumes and  masks that take up to a year to make.  There is a parade down the main street complete with back firing tractor’s, torches and stilt walking.  The Krampalar’s also whip and scare people as they make the way to the finale which involves a firework display.

The snow has continued almost non-stop since Dec 2nd and we are in currently back in a north westerly pattern of weather which is bringing lots of snow and cold temperatures to the mountains and village.  St. Anton is looking picture – postcard perfect with everything blanketed in white.  Most of the lift system is open now with Schindler and Kapall being be the most recent.  The skiing has been consistently incredible since the lifts opened and this week is promising more of the same.  At the chalet we have the last week of March and first week of April available so come get into the action!

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