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Mid March?? Time flies!!!

It hasn’t been a classic St. Anton winter, but we have had flashes of brilliance that remind us how fantastic the snow can be here.  February was rather dry but we enjoyed lots of lovely days enjoying the sun and the sometimes stable snow pack.  March has brought a lot of precipitation, and some great days, along with rain in the valley.

Without a doubt the most enjoyable parts of the last few weeks has been the extraordinary guests that have stayed with us.  We shared some amazing first tracks down Schoengraben with a few when conditions permitted, but when they did not, we enjoyed all the other fantastic things to do here the Arlberg.  Delicious food made by Maaike at the chalet and all the restaurants around the area; apres ski at the Krazy Kanguruh and Mooserwirt; live music at Piccadilly and Happy Valley; and most of all, each others company.  One of our guests toasted “Here is to sore legs from skiing, sore heads from Apres ski, and to sore stomachs from laughing.” I think that about sums it up!!  We have felt so fortunate to be able to share this incredible place with so many super people, who really like to take advantage of the setting.

We are looking forward to the remainder of the season and the guests who have yet to visit!

Ski legend Dan Treadway and his even more legendary wife, Karla in Ober Lech.

Mark and Jocelyn Johnson and friends at the Hospiz Alm.

Mannix’s in Sonnenkopf.

Johnson and O’Connor families at Skiing Buddah. Check out Paul’s shirt!!

Powder skiing on the way to Stuben.

Patience getting a face full of snow in Schoengraben.

Team USA/CAN at the Moose.

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