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Stuben to Langen, Kreuezjoch and Paichel Kopf.

This week has provided lots of great skiing all over the Arlberg.  On Saturday we had our last day skiing with my father’s friends and we finished on a high note.  Stuben to Langen was in great shape and the boys were loving it!  The sun was out today and we started with a tour to Kreuzjoch and skied 1600m down to Petteneu.  In the afternoon we summited Kanodel Kopf and Paichel Kopf which offered more soft powder turns.  Here are a couple of pictures!

Bloom, Ruby, Smitty, Span, and Maaike coming down to Langen.

Kreuzjoch with Martin - Denmark's upcoming freerider.

Al Volk coming down the North Face of Paichel Kopf

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