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After living and working in St. Anton since the late 1990’s we have developed relationships with many local businesses which can enhance your vacation.  They include all ranges of restaurants, apres ski’s, equipment shops (including boot fitters), and ski guiding companies.

Here are links to a few of our favourites.  We can make reservations, appointments or reserve guiding at your request: 

The Hospiz Alm is a fine dining restaurant located in St. Christoph at 1875m.  It specializes in Austrian cuisine and the staff proudly wear traditional Tirolean attire.  The service is outstanding and is matched by the quality of the food.  They also boast western Austria’s most revered wine cellar valued at 5-6 million euros which specializes in big bottles of Bordeaux.  A visit to the Hospiz is like seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the leaning tower of Pisa in Pisa.  We can help you get a table during the busy lunch hour or during the evening for a more intimate setting. 

The Rodel Alm is located above Nasserein half down a 4.5 km toboggan track.  The resort hosts a tobogganing or “Rodel” night on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and allows guests to ride the lift from Nasserein to the top of the Gampen.  From here racers of all shapes and sizes make their way down a lighted track negotiating hairpin corners and the odd pile up.  Halfway down we highly recommend stopping at the Rodel Alm to enjoy an extremely cozy atmosphere, Live Tirolean Music and traditional Austrian cuisine including the classic schweinshaxe which is a lovely, and extremely large piece of pork.  This is a night not to be missed and we are able to ensure your table and great memories that are sure to be formed.

The Krazy Kanguruh is an institution in St. Anton and can lay claim to being the first Apres Ski in the Alps to play loud rock’n’roll and to put waitresses in tight jeans.  It has been pumping since Gunnar took over in the 1967 and is now owned by world champion and olympic gold medalist slalom racer Mario Matt.  One has to first spend a night at the KK to really comprehend the parties it is famous for.  When you are scratching your head while dancing on the table in your long underwear tucking away your 7th shot you are beginning to understand.  We can help secure a table for your party upon your request.

Jennewein is a family run ski business that has been around since Benedict Jennewein began using his skills learned building the railroad to bend wood to shape the first skis in the late 1890’s.  It is run by his great grandson Martin and his knowledgeable staff.  They have access to premium product and have a knack at finding the right equipment to suit you.  We have a working relationship with them and can arrange a meeting with a specialist for boot fitting or any other equipment needs you have to ensure you receive excellent service.

Arlberg Guides is owned and operated by Andy Thurner who literally wrote the book on off-piste skiing in St.Anton.  Actually, he has published two books, one for off piste, and one for ski touring.  Andy has an incredible amount of experience in the area and has selected quality guides to work for him.  We can arrange Andy, or one of his guides to take you around the area and get you to the skiing you are in St. Anton to experience.