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We will be back!

Bring on winter 2024/25!!

Winter 2021/22

We look forward to the return of tourism in the Arlberg for the winter of 21/22!

Winter 20/21

Chalet Rafalt will be open at the beginning of December. With snow falling all over the Alps, we are excited for the upcoming winter. Given the current global climate, we are not expecting it to be busy. There will be great deals throughout the winter for week and long weekend bookings.

The chalet is the perfect safe location to enjoy a holiday without the stress of overlapping space with individuals who are outside of your cohort. It is a fully equipped chalet with a kitchen and living room and therefore affords the freedom for a vacation with your family and friends whom you most feel comfortable with.

Please feel free to get in touch at anytime during the season as we expect and look forward to facilitating last minute bookings!

Kind regards,

Ross and Maaike

Winter 20-21, we will be back!!

As we watch the effects of the corona virus, we maintain our positivity that things will return to normal in time for a wonderful winter season in the Arlberg in 2020/21. Thank you to those of you who were able to make a trip during this shortened season!!

Closed for 2018/19

Chalet Rafalt is now closed for the 2018/19 season. We would like to thank all of the people who decided to stay with us this past winter. And we would like to thank mother nature for providing the best winter on our lives! We are still trying to process the amount of incredible deep powder days we were able to share with great friends and family! Things are already starting to fill up for next winter, so please make your reservation for lifetime memories for the 19/20 season soon.

Kind regards,


March keeps bringing it on!

The blog posts have suffered this season due to the insane amounts of snowfall we have been blessed to receive this winter in the Arlberg. In the 20 years I have skied here, this is the most consistently amazing skiing I have experienced. We had a break of blue skies and warm weather the second half of February, but baring that, have skied deep powder almost daily since early December. Guests have been fortunate to capitalize on the amazing conditions!!

In addition to the skiing, groups from Australia, the UK, The Netherlands various Canadian cities including Banff, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal have taken advantage of some very fun nights at Krazy Kanguruh, Mooserwirt, the Museum, Piccadilly, Happy Valley, Rodel Alm, and The Hospiz Alm amongst other great spots. Some real highlights have been had during apres ski at Balm Alp in Lech, soaking up the incredible view from mountain top and the awesome music. The ski down under pink skies has been truly memorable.

Time around the chalet enjoying Maaike’s cooking and apres dinner in the kitchen have also provided so many good times.

We are so thankful to those of you who have stayed at Chalet Rafalt this season, and we look forward to the rest of you on your way!

Kind regards,


Finn P takes a turn on the other side of the camera.
On the way down from Balm Alp on my birthday!
A visit from my brother Neil and his crew.
Maaike’s cheese fondue!
Today, March 14th – The insanity continues!
2019 opens with loads of snow!!

January has brought metres of snow to St. Anton and an incredible run of skiing. For the second straight January, avalanche forecasters raised the hazard to level 5 or extreme and the roads and trains were once again closed into the town. It is always exciting to watch mother nature show us who is really the boss! The lower mountain lifts remained open and the tree skiing was epic. The sun has come out during the last 10 days and the avalanche forecast has dropped all the way to level 1, or low in the alpine and all sorts of skiing have been fabulous. Pistes with no ice, cold powder snow for ski tours and vistas for miles! There are a lot of smiling faces on the mountain!!

Chalet Rafalt still has the final week of March available!

All for now,


Maaike enjoying an incredible run of deep powder skiing to being 2019.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Maaike and I are wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and good health and happiness in 2019!!

December has been a great month of skiing and the resort is now full for the celebrations to come.  Mother nature is going to lend a hand in those celebrations by providing lots of snow and a little bit of sunshine in the week to come!

It is looking like a busy winter ahead but we January 25-27 and March 24-31 are still available for reservations.  Please get in touch to make your reservation!

Kind regards,



2017/18 all wrapped up!

The lifts have officially been closed around the Arlberg.  And what a fantastic season it was!!  Pre-season turns in November turned out to be a sign of the winter to come which delivered plenty of snow and sunshine to smiling faces from all over the world!

The lifts opened to mid-winter conditions on December 1st and we enjoyed some really big dumps throughout the month and into January.  Mother nature really ramped it up into mid January when we saw the roadways and trains closed in both directions and an avalanche alert level of 5 for the first time since ’99.  February, March and April brought smaller but consistent snowfall and for the most part a stable snowpack and our guests enjoyed plenty of awesome skiing!! The base at Valluga pushed 6 metres at the end of March which is pretty incredible.

Of course, we enjoyed a lot of fun off the mountain as well with our guests and love the energy they bring to apres ski, nightlife and beyond.  Thank you!

We were fortunate to have visits from a lot of fellow Canadians, Danes, Belgians, South Africans, Dutch, British and Americans.  It was also very cool to see Salomon Freeski TV, SBC Skier and Sherpas Cinema all score in the area during the winter!!

We are all closed up for another winter season and are yet again, raising our glasses to all the amazing people who chose to spend their ski vacation at the chalet.  Thank you on behalf of myself and Maaike and here is to plenty more good times in 2018/19.

Kind regards,

Ross and Maaike

Dreamy December skiing

January dumps!

Sherpas and family!!

Another delicious Bordeaux at the Hospiz Alm

Powder on the way to lunch in Stuben



March delivers another great month!

March has come and gone and brought with it a chalet full of awesome guests from Canada and Belgium.  Although there weren’t any massive dumps like in January and February there were consistent snowfalls that kept the off-piste skiing in great shape.  We had some killer days in Sonnenkopf skiing the north facing runs and a very special run with a load of old friends including Eric, Olivia, Ben and Do off the back side down to Langen.  Even in late March, the temperatures stayed cold and we skied down through the Langen forest in great conditions.  We were also fortunate to have a visit from Mike Kaumeyer, Deb and Louis along with their friends and were able to toast Gerry, my third grandfather, numerous times.

All for now,



Bob Sutton and the boys!

A very special visit from Mike Kaumeyer, family and friends.