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Winter has arrived in St. Anton!

Maaike and I returned to St. Anton on November 24th.  We arrived to green grass and the warmest weather Austria had experienced in 50 years.  We made great use of our time painting the chalet, cleaning it from top to bottom and putting new linen on the beds.  It is looking great!  In our spare time we did a couple of walks up the Rodel Track and down past the Krazy Kanguruh through the meadows.

The good news is that it started snowing on Dec 5th and has not stopped.  Last night was particularly heavy with 70cm piling up in the alpine and 40 in the back yard.  Galzig weather plot has gone from a modest 15cm to 120cm since the beginning of the storm.  The meadows we walked down are a distant memory and the skiing will get started tomorrow!  The following is a series of photos shot by our Finnish friend Oula showing the transformation to the winter resort recreational skiers know and love.  There is one bonus pic of a couple turns had today.

With our first group from Denmark arriving on Friday the timing couldn’t be better!

We have availability from Dec 11-17 so if you are within the neighbourhood feel free to contact us as we would love to host you!



Coming down the Icefall part of the men's down hill.


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