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More deep powder skiing!

February  15 and 16th brought another big storm cycle to the Arlberg dropping 50cm’s on Galizg and 70cm in Stuben.  It brought the base back up to a whopping 581cm at mid mountain and provided fabulous skiing for our guests.  We enjoyed untracked snow down the south side of Galzig and the front and backsides of Rendl.  Lots of big smiles and hooting and hollering filled our days!  On the 17th we skied our guests down the north face of Stuben to lunch on the patio at the Post Hotel.  The walk to the Post was incredible.  I had been off skis for a month and to see how much snow is currently blanketing Stuben is mind boggling.  There are 5-8 metre snow banks and some houses have 3 metres on the roofs!!  We were sad to see great guests from Canada leave today but are looking back with great memories of good skiing and lots of laughs throughout the week.  We have welcomed two families from Holland today who are from Apeldorn, close to where Maaike grew up, and look forward to getting to know them better.

We have weeks available in March and are offering great deals as the weeks are approaching.  The snow is fantastic and quite incredible to witness firsthand so please get in touch to make a booking.

St Christoph in the evening as the latest storm cycle buried another parking lot.

Mien Vasser delivering yet another untracked bottomless day!

Desmond enjoying the new snow and some sun at Rendl.

All smiles coming out of Hinter Rendl after a long day of powder skiing.

Walking to lunch at the Post in Stuben and marvelling at the snowbanks!


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